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My Dream Man by Marie Solka

My Dream Man really surprised me and is one of the best adult romance novels I've read in a while. With this being my first book tour, I was worried that I would hate the book and would struggle for positives to talk about in my review. Instead, I'm struggling to find any constructive criticisms.

My Dream Man is about Sam, a young nurse who, through one of her elderly male clients, meets her dream man. The story has ups and downs and isn't just a boring romance. The characters are very well written and even though there were some that we didn't like (Jack), I enjoyed reading about the relationships between the characters, especially between Sam and her sister. The whole story just felt real, as did the people in it. Another real aspect that I liked about the book was that at times, there was a strong emphasis placed on sex and the two main characters exploring each other, without the book being turned into an erotic novel. The sex in the book added to the realistic feel of the relationship, since most romance novels skip over the sex parts and some completely pretend they don't exist.

The one problem I have with this book is that I don't know what happened with Sam's parents! Did they resolve their problems? Was it just normal marital arguments after being together so long? Or was it something more? I'd have liked these questions to have been answered towards the end but it was still a hugely enjoyable read.

My rating: 4 out of 5

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